Our Story

We live where history, data, and art converge. 

We started designing and selling high quality original graphics that combine lots of information with thoughtful designs in 2003. As pioneers of the business of selling prints based on data and design, we relied on our love of maps, history and statistical graphics to carry us through the steep learning curve. Even though our work has won numerous design awards and has been featured in dozens of visual information design publications we're still striving to create new and interesting graphics!

Our catalog contains original graphics and restored vintage information graphics. We spend a long time researching and designing our original prints so we only release a few pieces each year. We take our time because we're interested in developing a timeless catalog of quality work. 

Our vintage infoart collection is our attempt to give new life to forgotten classic information graphics. For more than 500 years before the digital age, mapmakers, scientists, artists, and engineers were handcrafting beautiful and intriguing data visualizations. Using a wide range of skills and presentation methods these designers attempted to visual depict complex subjects. Our goal is to find and revive these non-digital masterworks of information design so that they may be enjoyed by a much wider audience.

If you have any comments or suggestions for our catalog please let us know care@historyshots.com.